Farmers Market Grand Opening 

The Woodlawn Farmers Market held their grand opening Sunday in Ellsworth.And it wasn’t just some food and vegetables on a table, they had plenty of that, but there was also a petting zoo for the kids and celtic music for the shoppers.The market actually opened up on Mother’s Day last month, but this was the grand opening with more than 20 vendors on hand.Visitors can find the typical fresh veggies, but also fresh eggs, and baked goods.Even smoked meats like salmon were available.And craft items as well ranging from jewelry to scarves, and pottery and tote bags.And all of it locally made.For the organizers this just seemed to be a logical addition according to the Executive Director of the Woodlawn Museum Joshua Torrence.” Woodlawn was a farm and so from a mission point of view it just made sense to have farmers come up and reintroduce that aspect to the property but we also want to support local farmers, people who are producing things locally, we want to think local, buy local and be local.”The farmers market is open every Sunday from 11 am until Two pm.Not only is it just the farmers market but there is also a museum and different trails to explore the 180 acres at the site.