150 Year Old Oven Back In Use 

It has been dormant since the turn of the century. The 20th century.And It was built some time between 1844 and 1869.But this weekend It was back in operation.”It” is the oven at Fort Knox in Prospect.It’s thought to have been last used in 1898, and now it’s back up and running and baking was done there this week.And when The Battle of Fort Knox is held in July that oven will be used to feed the more than 200 Civil War re-enactors that will be taking part.It is using all of the original brick and granite that was there when soldiers were stationed there, and to be the one to fire that oven up and bake bread and pies is a pretty special feeling says Living Historian Miss Rose. ” For me it was almost over whelming, bringing it back to life so the folks could come here and experience it because even if it had been functioning the general public would not have been able to benefit from it so this letting everybody all the citizens and folks that come here be able to experience it as well and be a part of it and see what it would have been like to be garrisoned here as a soldier.”The first time the oven was used it took nearly four days to get all of the moisture out of the bricks to be able to bake in it.The second time it was used that time was reduced to about 40 hours to remove the moisture.Now it’s going to be used nearly every other week until The Battle of Fort Knox which will be held July 23rd through the 25th.They are raising funds to pay for the food to feed the re-enactors.