Dad’s Gear Up for Father’s Day Grill Contest 

Some dads battled it out for a new grill Saturday in Bangor.WHCF and Solution FM radio sponsored a father’s day contest.Five fathers had to race to put together a 3-burner gas grill.And whoever assembled it correctly first, got to take home the grill.Family members could stand by and cheer on their dads but, they weren’t allowed to touch any of the pieces.Stephen Treadwell of Carmel was the lucky winner but, not without some challenges.” It was a lot of little pieces and you had to read instructions which is something I don’t do often.”” I talked to a few people just kind of put our heads together and what were some ideas we could do for Father’s Day. We decided putting a grill together. Most dads love grilling and so we want to make sure Dad had a nice grill to grill with this Father’s Day.”Stephen Treadwell decided to give his grill to another competitor, Andrew Teasdale.Treadwell says he already has a grill and wanted another father to be able to enjoy one too.