Appalachian Trail Club Celebrates 75 Years 

The Maine Appalachian Trail Club is celebrating its 75th birthday Saturday with hard-earned present. Nearly 100-people gathered in Skowhegan to mark the trail club’s anniversary. Organizers also signed a special lease agreement with the Somerset Woods Trustees. The agreement will give the club a parcel of land in Skowhegan to build a permanent base camp for trail crews. The club, made up mostly of volunteers, is responsible for maintaining 267-miles of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. They’ve been working on the idea of a base camp for three years and say it will be unique to the needs of trail volunteers.Lester Kenway, MATC President, says, “There’ll be a general kitchen and dining area, there’ll be a training areas, there’ll be storage for tools and equipment and housing for the people that work on the trail.”Club leaders say volunteers come from all over the world to spend time on the Appalachian trail and keep it in tip-top shape for others who use it. But they’re always looking for more people to help out. If you’d like more information on the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, you can log on to