Sail Power and Steam Museum to Open This Weekend 

It was a different way of life for the men who sailed the great schooners of the 19th century. But there’s an effort to keep their arts and skills alive. This weekend is this year’s grand opening of the Sail Power and Steam Museum in Rockland.Step in this door and back in time, to 19th century Maine.”Everything was carried by schooner, by sailing vessel. Most of the cities, the population centers, were along the coast for that reason.”Room after room in the Sail Power and Steam Museum house tools and treasures from the seas. At the helm here is founder, Captain Jim Sharp, who’s preserving these artifacts and their stories.”Over 100 passengers were lost, and they never found a stick of wood from her,” he says of the fate of one vessel, to visitors in the Shipwreck Room.From disaster on the high seas to the glory of the grand age of sail– even the dream of steam. Captain Sharp transports visitors to a time gone by.”They’re forefathers had it pretty tough in those. Not like these, we’re a bunch of lily pads anymore. We’ll take another aspirin if we hurt a little, but back in those days you couldn’t do that,” he says.He says they’ll have all sorts of programs and lectures running all summer. The museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 to 4, and Sunday from 1 to 4. And Captain Sharp says he’d love to share with you what he knows.”I’m a schooner addict, I’ve followed schooners all my life. I’ve had, well, 34 different vessels, that’s how disastrous my addiction is,” he says.”Having Captain Jim explain everything makes it really, really interesting, because he knows everything,” says visitor Shirley Vincent.If you’d like to see the real thing, you can just step outside. The flagship “Rekord” is sitting right there in the harbor.”The men that did this kind of thing, they’re no longer around. So there are only very few of us left that are delving into that kind of experience. So in our museum we have examples of all this kind of art.”It will be a busy first weekend for the Sail Power and Steam Museum. They’re offering live music and all sorts of exhibits outside, including model building, timber hewing and fancy rope work.It’s located at 75 Mechanic Street in south Rockland. You can log onto, for more information.