Group Delivers Petitions for Financial Reform 

They’ve been going door-to-door in the greater Bangor area, talking to people about financial reform. Representatives with the Maine People’s Alliance say they’ve gathered more than three thousand signatures on a petition supporting the federal financial reform bill. Today in Bangor, they met to deliver 300 of those signatures to Senator Olympia Snowe.The Restoring American Financial Stability Act is currently headed for conference committee after passing in the House and Senate.”We are fighting for financial reform. For protection for small businesses so they’re not losing money. To make sure people aren’t having abusive and absurd overdraft fees on debit cards and bank withdrawals. For credit card rates that don’t go up 150 percent if you miss one payment,” says Taylor Gould, a field canvasser with the Maine People’s Alliance.Their goal this summer is to visit more than 50 thousand homes throughout Maine to talk to folks about these issues.