Great Dane, Great Friend at Ross Manor in Bangor 

He’s been coming around for nearly a year now– a service dog, visiting residents at Ross Manor in Bangor. They say not a day goes by that he doesn’t bring a smile to someone’s face. They told us the story of one Great Dane.”He started working here in July of last year and is coming up on 1500 hours of volunteering time. He’s a great dog.”His name is Poe. He arrives at Ross Manor, a long-term care facility in Bangor, around 7 o’clock every morning.”He goes room to room to see his patients. There’s a lady down in the 500’s, he has to get in her bed every day. She has to see him.”Within arm’s reach, you can also usually find Poe’s owner, Ross Manor activity aide, Tina Chadbourne.”Residents come here and they have to leave their pets at home. Poe kinds of helps fill in. He visits people when they’re sad or just want to visit,” Chadbourne says. She says Poe can’t wait to get his service vest on each morning and get out the door. He usually sees anywhere from five to fifty people a day.”He’s a nice fellow. He comes to visit us everyday. He usually comes around with the paper, delivering it,” says resident, Maurice Overlock.”They won’t take their mail from me, they won’t take their newspaper from me, but they’ll take it from the dog,” Chadbourne says. “He delivers their birthday balloons, their birthday cards. He’s just an exceptionally, good, calm dog.””He’s so quiet, and doesn’t get into trouble,” says resident, James Todd. Poe made a visit to see Todd when he was sick in the hospital. “I was in the hospital at Eastern Maine, and he got up on the foot of the bed. I was glad to see him,” Todd says. “He’s everybody’s pet.””Pets are our families. They’re truly best friends,” Chadbourne says. Just recently, big Poe also became a proud poppa. And little Norman is already showing his father’s gentle spirit. “He’s going to be another little therapy dog. He’ll probably take the fame away from Poe,” she says.But the folks here will tell you, that’s not going to happen any time soon.