Four Generation Potato Farm in Exeter 

Fathers and sons working alongside each other.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s something that’s been happening for decades on a potato farm in Exeter.”My grand-dad started the farm in the 1950s. He and my grandmother had all kinds of stuff. Potatoes, beans and corn and it just kind of evolved.”At any time during the day, you can find three generations of Cranes working on the Crane Brothers Farm in Exeter.”Really started in the potato chip business. We’re one of the first ones to have potato chips so that’s kind of what our focus is today. We grow potatoes exclusively for Frito Lay.”Those who have been working on the farm for awhile say a lot has changed.”Well it’s hard to believe we did things like that years ago. When my father started, he used a one row digger and now we’re harvesting 10 to 12 rows at a time.”For the newest additions, they say working with family can be difficult.”They’re definitely harder on you and expect more out of you than somebody else would. But do you think that made you grow as a person? Definitely yes.”The farm has close to 1,000 acres of potatoes in Exeter but, they also have more than 300 acres in western Maine.They say in the busy season, it’s not uncommon for them to work 16 hour days.A work ethic that family members hope will be passed on to the next generation.”We were never forced to come back here. It was always real open. If he and I had children that were interested in coming back I’d like to have the same offer to them.”