Mainely Apples In Dixmont Survives Unusual Spring 

The up and down temperatures of early spring have proved to be a challenge for local apple orchards. Jon Olsen, the Co-owner of Mainely Apples, says he’s been scrambling a bit. “Well what happened to us is we bloomed a lot earlier than normal,” he says, “I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years and this bloom season was almost two weeks earlier than normal.”Then the cold weather hit, which Olsen says could have been disastrous. “We had frost right through bloom period and we had 2 separate frost incidents. One morning it was 29 degrees from 2:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the morning so that will harm the trees some and the blossoms of course,” Olsen says.Through all of the up and down temperatures, Olsen is hoping the worst of it is now behind them. “I think we have survived it. It might have thinned some varieties, some varieties got hit worse than others but we’ve got plenty of crop.”Olsen says he’s still unsure exactly when the pick-your-own-season will begin. He’s just happy apples are a pretty resilient crop. “Apples will respond to rain, they will respond to heat. I think the crop is developing earlier than last year. I shouldn’t say just last year, it’s developing earlier than we’ve ever had it develop, so we might be open mid-August instead of late August.”As far as the weather goes, olsen does have one small request of the meteoroligists here at TV5. “All right here’s what I need. I need one inch of rain a week. Preferably at night and then sunshine and we’ll be fine. You can tell Todd Simcox one inch of rain a week.”