Bike for Equality 

Six folks started off on a bike trek from Bangor Wednesday.It’s to raise awareness for marriage equality.Meghan Hayward caught up with them along their route.Three days, 135 miles. That’s the ride the folks of Bike for Equality have embarked on.All to raise awareness for marriage equality and to raise money for the Preble Street Resource Center in Portland.”Well I think it’s very important. I think we’ve taken a civil rights issue and we’ve turned it into something muddy. We’ve turned it into a sexual issue.”The bike ride kicked off in Bangor at the Charlie Howard Memorial.”Charlie Howard was thrown off a bridge because of his belief and who he was. Just because of his identification which is wrong.”The trek will end in Portland.”This is hopefully the first of many many years to come that Bike for Equality will be choosing a venue to benefit.”They say the Preble Street Resource Center helps folks dealing with homelessness, hunger and poverty.”The Catholic Diocese decided to take away their funding which was $17,000 for this year and $33,000 for next year because a piece of Preble Street, the Voices of Justice Program, stood up for marriage equality and so they said you broke the rules, we’re taking your money.”One of the cyclists is riding in support of her son. She wishes more families could take part.”It would be wonderful because it is an issue that sometimes can be a challenge for families and this would be a nice event.”She says the fight for marriage equality has brought her and son closer together.”My son is a gay man in California in San Diego. Who is also very active. I want him to be able to have the partner of his choice.”