Theft at Lincoln’s Community Center 

Folks at the community center in Lincoln are working to replace more than two thousand dollars worth of goods stolen last week. Police say someone broke into the building last Tuesday night.Lincoln’s Rec Director says the thieves took more than just material items.”We don’t even know how they entered the building for sure. We saw where they exited and what they had done inside, but as far as entering the building and who it was, no ideas.”Recreation Director Ron Weatherbee says he got a call from someone who works at the Ballard Hill Community Center Wednesday morning.”Her comment was, ‘I can’t get into the room, the handle’s broken.’ And I’m thinking, no big problem, we can go up and I can fix that,” he says.But there was a problem– things were missing, including the town’s Wii game systems they got through a grant a year ago.”All our Wii games, some of the accessories, two of the consoles. And downstairs, we looked around, the police had been called at that point, and we saw somebody had kicked in the door to the community events room,” Weatherbee says.The thieves also found keys to interior rooms and rummaged through them.”They actually hit three areas inside the building,” he says. They also stole food and more than 60-dollars cash, from a fund used for seniors’ meals.”It’s a strange feeling by all means. Very disappointing, in that we lose programs, or program availability,” he says. Weatherbee tells us the Wii games always brought people together, especially on rainy days, when Rec activities were cancelled. And while insurance will likely help replace the items taken, he says the theft is a hit to the community feeling inside this building.”It’s a matter of trust, and so, that does hurt. We’re hoping police can come through and solve this,” he says.Lincoln police say they’re working on leads and hope to identify who did it soon.In the meantime, Weatherbee says they’ve replaced all their locks.