Maine Biker Killed in Shootout During National Sweep of Gang 

Authorities say an attempt to arrest two members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang in Maine ended in a gunfight that killed one of those men.Federal agents were taking part in a nationwide sweep of the gang at the time of the shootout. 27 members of the Outlaws, including four in Maine, were indicted by a federal grand jury on a wide range of crimes, including attempted murder, kidnapping, extortion and drug dealing.A spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says early this morning ATF agents were fired on when they went to a home in Old Orchard Beach. The agents shot back, killing one man inside. We’re told the agents were trying to arrest 59-year-old Thomas “Tomcat” Mayne on a federal warrant and Kenneth Chretian on state warrants. The medical examiner’s office has confirmed that Mayne was the man killed. Authorities say a shotgun and a handgun were discovered inside the house after the shooting. Chretian and 41-year-old Thomas Benvie of Sanford were both arrested and appeared in federal court today.Kate Simmons, a spokesperson for the Maine Attorney General’s Office, says the office is investigating the shooting. “What the investigation is seeking to determine is if the agents acted to defend themselves or defend someone else. And at the conclusion of that investigation, the office will issue a full, detailed report to the public, so the public knows exactly what happened.”Authorities say the Outlaw gang was trying to gain an upper hand over rival gangs.One of the crimes linked to the federal indictment is an attempted murder in Canaan last October.Authorities say the president of the Outlaws ordered gang members to retaliate for an attack on them. 63-year-old Gary Watson of Madison was shot and critically injured outside the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club on Route 23.Also indicted on federal charges – 39-year-old Michael Pedini, who’s also accused of running a cocaine ring in Waterville, 46-year-old Joseph Allman and 41 year-old Thomas Benvie.