Legacy Sandwich Shop Open In Bangor 

When the Coffee Pot in Bangor closed it’s doors last December, it left local sandwich lovers scrambling. Many places have tried to cash in by recreating the Coffee Pot sandwich, but a new shop in Bangor is hoping their location and some local branding will help them.Bruce Guimond has been in the restaurant business for the past 28 years. When Guimond lost his job as a kitchen supervisor at a local hospital. He and his wife saw an opportunity. After the Coffee Pot closed it’s doors they knew there were some hungry people in Bangor. “We decided to venture off and see what it would be like to open our own sandwich shop,” says Guimond.Now the legacy sandwich shop is open for business here on State street. “It was pretty exciting because we actually got in here May 1st,” says Guimond, “this used to be a 6 booth hair salon and we had everything lined up and ready to go. May 1st we were able to occupy it and 17 days later it became a sandwich shop so it’s pretty exciting.”Guimond new right where to look when it came to staffing. Robyn Frost worked at the coffee pot for 16 years. “He (Guimond) called me after it closed and mentioned if I’d be interested in doing this again and I said well I’ll get back to you on it because I wanted to take a little time off so after 4 months he called me and i came back to work,” Frost says.Frost says her former boss at the Coffee Pot, Skip Rist, wished her well. “Skip wishes Bruce well because he’s doing things on his own merit,” she says, “he’s not claiming anything Coffee Pot. So he’s been in to visit and brought us snacks and he wishes us well.”All the sandwiches on the menu are named after traditional Bangor landmarks or events. The folks here hope they stick around as long as their legendary State street predecessor. “I think it will be the next famous sandwich shop in Bangor,” says Frost, “I’m hoping, we’re all hoping.”