ATF Shooting in Maine Connected to Nationwide Biker Arrests 

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms says federal agents shot and killed a man Tuesday morning in Old Orchard Beach.ATF spokesman Michael Campell said a SWAT team went to a home on Sandy Circle at about 6 a.m to arrest 59-year-old Thomas Mayne. Campbell said when SWAT team members arrived they were shot at from the home and returned fire. One man in the home was killed. Another man and woman were escorted out of the home by federal agents.Investigators said Mayne was not one of people taken from the home.Mayne is one of 27 members of the American Outlaw Association motorcycle gang from across the country indicted by a federal grand jury this month, including the Outlaws’ national president Jack Rosga.The men are accused of participating in a criminal enterprise that engaged in a wide range of crimes, including attempted murder, kidnapping, assault, robbery, extortion, witness intimidation, narcotics distribution, illegal gambling, and weapons violations.The indictment includes three men from Maine.Forty-six-year-old Joseph Allman, 41-year-old Thomas Benvie and 39-year-old Michael Pedini are facing federal racketeering charges and conspiracy to commit violence in the aid of racketeering.The indictment also alleges that in October 2009, Rosga directed members of the Outlaws to retaliate against the Hell’s Angels for their attack on two Outlaws members, which resulted in the alleged attempted murder of a Hell’s Angels member in Canaan.The victim was seriously injured from gunshot wounds. Following Outlaw tradition, the two Outlaw members who carried out the attack allegedly received new patches indicating they had performed a violent act on behalf of the OutlawsThe Maine Attorney General’s Office is investigating Tuesday’s shooting, which is required whenever police use deadly force.