Newburgh Meeting 

Many Newburgh residents turned out Monday evening at a town meeting to ask questions about a report that claims $200,000 was stolen from the town.The fraud examination report was released last week. It claims the town’s former Deputy Treasurer, Cindy Dunton, took the money from January of 2006 to March of this year.At the meeting the possibility of theft dating back even earlier was discussed. However, those records have not yet been examined.The report goes on to say she manipulated town accounts to pay her property taxes and health insurance contributions.At this evening’s meeting a lawyer for the town spoke about his recommendations moving forward. It has been recommended that the town sign a promissory note with Dunton, putting a lien on her property and stating that she will pay the town back. But not everyone agrees with that notion, fearing it will affect the outcome of a later court date. “I believe it has minimized the expense to the town for her to cooperate and I’m certain that’s a factor that the D.A. and the court if it ends up in court will consider. But her cooperation does not minimize the magnitude of her theft.” Said Dean Beaupain, the attorney for Newburgh. Traci Martin, a Newburgh citizen, feel differently, “I strongly feel that that will give a judge reason to give her leniency and she stole from family and friend and there’s nothing worse than that. I think from here there needs to be lots of new procedures and controls put in place quickly, not wait for a new town manager.”Many Newburgh residents spoke at the meeting. They voiced a variety of concerns. Some said they wanted the financial records examined further. Most were very frustrated with the situation.The Auditor’s report will now be sent to the District Attorney’s Office, where it will be determined what legal action will be taken.Selectmen will decide Wednesday afternoon whether or not to sign the recommended promissory note.