Firefighter Field Day 

Students at the Asa Adams School in Orono have been learning about fire safety all year. Today, all their hard work was rewarded, they celebrated with a field day. Fire fighter, Dennis Bean, visited K through five classes at the school all year. He taught the kids about a wide range of topics, including bike safety, how to stop, drop and roll, and about brain injuries.Today’s field day included lots of games and demonstrations, some even put what the students learned to the test — like the smoke house and a vehicle extrication demonstration.Janet Metcalf, a first grade teacher at the school, hopes the kids take away more than just fire safety lessons.”I hope that they have a chance to interact with the fire fighters on a friendly more of a casual basis.””The kids, they love it. Rain or shine, they’re always having a good time. It feels good at the end of the year that they can celebrate this way in a safe way.”We’re told the fire education program has been going on at the Asa Adams School for more than 15 years.