Old Town Museum Chorus Takes on Songs from Early 1900’s 

The Old Town Museum was celebrating some old-time singing Sunday. They put on a concert featuring music from 1900 to 1912.Folks at the museum say they recently lost some of their funding, so the concerts are one way to try and recoup some of that loss. While the singing was free to join, they also accepted donations.Peggy Manzer with the museum says whenever they sing, it’s always a hit with the crowd.”They seem to like the old songs. We have a lot of the people who come– they’re not teenagers, most of them. And they like the old music and they like to sing with us. Today for instance, we’re doing ‘Down by the Old Mill Stream,’ and I think everyone and their uncle knows that one,” Manzer says.She says the museum has more events coming up too, including a ragtime piano show and a strawberry festival.