Students Ride in Fire Rescue Vehicles to Class 

Third grade students at Glenburn Elementary School have worked hard all year for the chance to ride to school in a fire rescue vehicle.Friday students got the ride of their lives.Chelsey Anderson has the story.Fire and rescue officials are up early to get their vehicles ready, but thankfully not for a fire.Lt. Eric Strout, Glenburn Fire Dept. – “Today’s a little bit different day. It’s kind of where we celebrate the work we’ve done all year long.”Lt. Eric Strout started a program for third graders at Glenburn Elementary six years ago. It’s called the No Fear Program. The goal is to have no fear of any firefighters or EMS personnel, and to teach kids useful safety information. Lt. Eric Strout, Glenburn Fire Dept. – “We hope it’ll never have to be used, but if it is used, it could save someone’s life.”Throughout the school year, students were assigned homework each month. They turned in their work to get their names entered into a contest.Karen Randall, Third Grade Teacher, Glenburn Elementary – “At the end of the school year, names are drawn from the list of students and they have now earned a trip to school in a fire truck and other fire safety vehicles.”Nat truck starting upKaren Randall, Third Grade Teacher, Glenburn Elementary -“They’re very excited. This is a big day for them!”Lt. Eric Strout, Glenburn Fire Dept. – “It almost brings you to tears when you actually pick up these kids and see the level of excitement.”Nicole – “I was just freaking out. I was so excited.”Jay – “Seeing the fire truck pull up in my driveway. I was so thrilled.”Rainie – “It was awesome.”Everyone had a favorite part.Nicholas – “Running the lights and sirens.”Taylor – “I got to ride in the gurney.”Emily – “I got to ride with my dad in the ambulance, fire rescue and fire truck.”Arriving at the school was most certainly a highlight.Taylor – “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God!'”The students have some advice for next year’s class.Emily – “If you get homework, you should do it so you don’t forget. Maybe you’ll get a chance to ride in an ambulance too!”