Eleven Year Old Boy Saves Mother’s Life 

A 11-year-old Glenburn boy is being called a hero after saving his mother’s life.Meghan Hayward caught up with him and his mother as they shared their story. “I’m just playing and all of a sudden I hear this thump thump and I look at the stairs and she’s coming down and I say, Mama. She’s at the foot of the stairs and not breathing.”Eleven-year-old Kameron Seger sprung into action.He first tried waking his mother and listening to see if she was breathing. “I call my grandfather and he doesn’t answer, so I call Nana and she doesn’t answer, so then I call 911.”Kameron’s mother, Lisa Hamel, has a condition known as Vasovagal, which causes people to faint.When she fell down the stairs, she knocked herself out and stopped breathing.Penobscot County Dispatch took Kameron’s call. They told him to drag his mother into an open area. “Then they told me to pump her chest. So I’m doing this and then they told me to listen for her breathing again and I told them I didn’t hear anything.”Dispatch Supervisor Betty Stone says Kameron’s courage is remarkable.”He did a really good job. He was calm, he followed all the instructions and answered all our questions. He did a really good job.”His mom never thought her 11-year-old son would have to save her life. “It’s a pretty amazing feeling. I’m proud of him. He definitely did the right thing.”Lisa has yet to hear the 911 call. ” But they told me if I heard it, it would bring tears to my eyes.”Kamerson has now been recognized for his heroism.”We went to the Glenburn School. They had an awards assembly and we went and gave him an award for the outstanding job that he did. It’s the 911 Hero Award.”Kamerson says he doesn’t consider himself a hero, but his mom sure does.”For him to be able to do what he did and stay calm with me being his mother is pretty remarkable for an 11-year-old to do.”