Blue Hill 5th Graders Hit The Books For SPCA 

A group of fifth graders in Blue Hill combined their love for animals with their fondness for reading. The end result, more than $2000 raised for the Hancock County SPCA.Teachers everywhere have tried different ways to motivate their kids to read, but Rachel Nightingale’s class read thousands of pages. “I think it was a way to actually get us to do work,” says 5th grader Max Bell, “she tricked us into it, she tricked us into it.” Max Bell was the top reader, logging over 2500 pages in the 2nd annual read-a-thon.The kids recruited parents, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them a penny a page or sometimes more, with all the proceeds going to the Hancock County SPCA.Thursday, the kids presented a very surprised Dancock County SPCA Director, Doug Radziewicz, with an envelope with more than $2100 inside. “We are so impressed and amazed and we can’t be more thankful to them for the money that they’ve raised to help us help the animals at the shelter,” says Radziewicz. Ben Politte, a 5th grader at Blue Hill Consolidated School, did his share of reading as well reading an astonishing 1561 pages. “It made me feel really good because I have a cat and i really love my cat so it made me feel really good that other people can feel that way,” says Politte.A special guest also got to visit the kids. Josie, a former dog at the shelter, stopped by to say thank you for all their hard work. “To be able to bring a shelter dog like Josie and for the kids to interact and get a chance to play with her outside of the classroom,” says Radziewicz, “not only is a benefit for josie but hopefully the kids had a good time seeing what a dog like josie can become.”