New Restaurant in Brewer 

There’s a new restaurant in Brewer now.Time Out Restaurant and Events Center is located off Wilson Street near the Kentucky Fried Chicken.The restaurant’s name may sound familiar, about 25 years ago it was located on South Main Street in Brewer.Owner Bob Thomas says that restaurant was famous for pizza.He says this restaurant will be using the same pizza recipe, but they also have seafood on the menu now.And then there’s the events center.”It’s second to none. We’ve got 5,000 square feet. So that they can have the special events, they can have the graduation parties we’re having this week. They can have prom dates, have formal dinners. We’re open for anything and searching for ideas of what to do.”Here’s how things time out for the “time out”—it will be open Sunday through Wednesday from eleven to nine. Thursdays from eleven to eleven and Friday and Saturdays from eleven to one.