New McDonald’s in Belfast Opens 

The McDonald’s in Belfast reopened their doors Wednesday morning, just three months after the old building was demolished.As Meghan Hayward tells us, customers were greeted to the McDonald’s they’re used to, but with a few new twists.It wasn’t long after the ribbon cutting at the new McDonald’s in Belfast when customers began lining up to place their orders.The old building was demolished less than three months ago to make room for the new one.”State of the art. We’ve got all new equipment. We’ve got a side-by-side drive thru so we can serve our customers quicker.”The new McDonald’s includes a number of new energy efficient upgrades too.”Start off with the restrooms and urinals they’re waterless, which saves about 80,000 gallons. All of the faucets are automatic. We have an energy management system which cuts down on the electrical usage drastically.”Folks will find all the old favorites on the menu but, there are a few new ones too.They’ve added espressos, cappuccinos and frappes to the menu.Another change, the restaurant’s decor.” Our décor is much more contemporary than what we had before. Our son did all the photography in the restaurant. All the scenes that you see are local scenes of Belfast.”The new restaurant is getting rave reviews from regular customers.”Oh it’s beautiful. I love it. I know we’re going to be here everyday. Well just about everyday I should say.””I love it. I really do. It’s a lot better than the old one was. And a lot more people will be coming back in here again.”The owners agree, it’s the right direction for the restaurant.”Belfast is really changing and I think this McDonald’s fits perfectly with all the transitions that Belfast is going through right now.”