Brewer High Celebrates End of Year with ‘Lip Dub’ Video 

The students at Brewer High School can count the number of days they have left of school on one hand. But their end-of-year celebration today involved both hands and feet, and also costumes and props.The students at Brewer High have been working, so hard, all school year long. Today, they got “Footloose.” The school was making a video called a “lip dub.””It’s basically like a continuous music video throughout the school, people in different stations singing the lyrics. It’s great,” says junior, Rachel Caron.Caron helped choreograph some dances, and a hundred other students were planted around the school, showing off their many skills. It’s all timed out so when English teacher Andrea Martin comes through with a camera it matches to the music, dubbed in later. It’s done in one shot.”Awesomeness. A lot of awesomeness,” Caron says.”It’s just something fun to do, you’ll always remember it,” says junior, Brandon McCarthy.Lip dubs are a hit on the internet– these students got the idea after Bucksport High School students made one this spring. From there, it’s been after-school rehearsals and several takes in the making.”You know, if you look at the video it looks like it was easy, but there are a lot of little details. It’s been over a month of preparation, organizing, and getting to where we are today,” Martin says.So “Oohwee, Marie,” you might be asking yourself – why do this?”We’ve found that it’s built a lot of school spirit. It’s really connecting students before they leave for the summer, and it’s just drawn a diversity of students,” Martin says.”Just to get everyone’s school spirit up, get them involved,” Caron says.And to kick off their shoes, after another school year well done.