Voter Turnout 

We were at the Bangor Civic Center earlier this evening. Officials there said they saw a steady stream of voters throughout the day.Experts predicted voter turnout would be around 20 percent, which they say is a good turnout for a primary.Earlier this evening, Matthew Dunlap, Secretary of State, said statewide they were on track to hit that number.He said question 1 on the ballot may have contributed to the number of voters. “I think it did affect the voter turnout in some areas. It’s hard, It’s probably early to say right now whether it has effected overall turnout, as opposed to some of the other stronger social issues that we’ve seen on the ballot in the past. Technical tax issues are not necessarily something that light up a lot of people. There are some people who really care about it, and they are very energized around this issue.”Dunlap said, overall, voting went well today. He added, the most common questions revolved around unenrolled voters.