Pittsfield Preschoolers Enjoy Big Truck Day 

A group of preschooler’s in Pittsfield have had this day circled on their calendars since April. But not because it’s election day. It’s the first annual big truck day. Preschool teacher MaryBeth Littlefield says the day was a roaring success. “We’ve been counting down the days,” she says, “they have been overjoyed about this. They’ve been thinking about it and talking about it every single day.”Both of Frannie Rogers children were on hand to enjoy the day. “They are having the best time ever,” Rogers says, “it’s really well organized, it’s a beautiful day. They love the honking horns and all of the big trucks. They’re having a blast.”If you ask this group of children there’s no better way to end their school year. “We are doing big truck day because we studied transportation back in April and we wanted to do a day where we could check out all the trucks,” says Littlefield, “they could touch them and sit inside them and beep the horn as you know.”Besides having fun, organizers and parents are hoping this gives these kids a chance to get more familiar and comfortable with their surroundings. “Being exposed to all the trucks they see on the highways,” says Littlefield, “being able to go inside an ambulance so they won’t be afraid if they have to go inside an ambulance for real, in a fire truck for real, things like that. Just to expose them to things they might see in their daily lives but not up close.”Jennifer Brooks, of Pittsfield, says her kids are having a great time at the event. “Just to be able to see there’s many different opportunities for employment and with trucks and just to be able to see that there’s a lot of different things they see on the road and to have some fun,” says Brooks.The kids aren’t the only ones having fun around here. “The people have been awesome,” says Littlefield, “these drivers are so excited about the kids coming in and checking out the trucks themselves. The drivers on the drivers faces are almost as big as the the kids smiles.”