June is Home and Fire Safety Month 

In honor of that, fire officials took some time on Monday to teach fire safety to kids.They teamed up with Texas Roadhouse to host a Smoke House.Kids start in the kitchen area of the special designed trailer, where they learn a bit about stove safety. Then they move on to the smoke room, where smoke is pumped in to simulate an actual fire experience. Here kids learn to stay low and crawl to the nearest exit.Kids leave the smoke house by exiting a window at the end of the trailer.Knowing what to do in case of a fire is important, but there’s a lot you can do to prevent a fire from ever starting. “Make sure the smoke detectors work, make sure you have an escape plan, practice that escape plan with young children,” Said the Public Information Officer with the Bangor P.D., Jake Johnson. “In terms of fire prevention, we’re coming into the summer time and a good thing to keep in mind is just basics safety, common sense stuff when it comes to camping fire, which it comes to barbeques and fire works.”Many fire departments, including the Bangor Fire Department, will do a check of your home to make sure all smoke detectors are working properly, and that wood stoves and chimneys are safe. For more information, just contact your local fire department.