Fundraiser for Stacyville Girl 

An 11-year-old Stacyville girl who was seriously injured when a powerline struck her leg is finding out that a lot of her neighbors really care about her.Meghan Hayward has the story.”Allison is a very good student. She’s an avid reader. She’s a bit shy but her personality has really blossomed this year in fifth grade. She’s very well liked here at Katahdin Elementary School.”School principal Chris Cunningham is talking about an 11-year-old girl named Allison from Stacyville.She was seriously injured when a powerline brought down by a thunderstorm fell on her leg.Now, the whole community is rallying together to help Allison and her family.Craig’s Clam Shop in Patten and their sister restaurant, Craig’s Maine Course in Island Falls is hosting a fundraiser.All sales go toward the family.”The tragedy itself is hard enough to overcome. So people shouldn’t have to worry about the financial ramifications of having to travel to Boston and things like that. So we’re just trying to help out anyway we can.”Allison was transferred from Eastern Maine Medical Center to the Boston Hospital.Where she’s undergone surgeries on her injured leg.”The first conversation I had with her mother. Allison is very thankful to be alive. Knows that she’s lucky, knows that she has some healing to do. But she’s a brave little girl.”A girl who even from a hospital bed, has schoolwork on her mind.”She was concerned about completing fifth grade and whether she would go to sixth grade. We assured her we would take care of that.”No one is surprised with the community support.”I think that’s why we all love living in Maine. Especially in northern Maine, we are such small communities that we know everyone. We reach out to them. This particular incident they are my customers. They come here quite often. So it does touch. You might not have that personal connection but we where we know everyone in the community it does pull on your heart strings.”The last reports on Allison’s condition were optimistic.”New growth with tissue and that’s a very good sign. So we’re hoping that means good things for her healing process.”The fundraisers are being held this Thursday from 4 to 8 at Craig’s Clam Shop in Patten and 4 to 9 at Craig’s Maine Course in Island Falls.Again, all proceeds go to Allison and her family.Modern Woodmen, a non-profit investment firm, will match up to 25-hundred dollars of what’s raised.We’ve heard from Allison’s father, that the letters she has been receiving have been brightening her days.If you would like to send Allison a letter you can send them to:Allison BottingShriner’s Hospital for Children51 Blossom St. Boston, Massachusetts 02114