Democrats Nominate Mitchell, Republicans Nominate LePage 

Maine Senate President Elizabeth “Libby” Mitchell has been nominated by the state’s Democrats to be their candidate for governor.472 of 596 precincts – 79 percent x-Libby Mitchell 31,018 – 35 percent Steve Rowe 20,214 – 23 percent Rosa Scarcelli 18,747 – 21 percent Pat McGowan 17,785 – 20 percent Mitchell, an attorney, is the first woman in America to serve as both state Senate president and state House speaker. The former teacher served 12 terms in the Legislature and for seven years on the Federal Home Loan Bank Board.”I pledge a very honest, respectful and upbeat campaign,” said Mitchell from her campaign headquarters in Portland last night. “And I want to engage with Maine voters from the top of the state to Kittery. I’m very anxious to get out and learn and listen and talk to people.”Mitchell will face Republican Paul LePage, a favorite of the conservative tea party movement, and three nonparty independents in November in the race to succeed term-limited Governor John Baldacci.472 of 596 precincts – 79 percent x-Paul LePage 36,124 – 38 percent Les Otten 16,000 – 17 percent Peter Mills 13,347 – 14 percent Steve Abbott 11,978 – 13 percent Bill Beardsley 9,666 – 10 percent Bruce Poliquin 4,222 – 4 percent Matt Jacobson 2,883 – 3 percent”We started this race and everybody said, he doesn’t have a chance,” said LePage from his headquarters in Waterville last night. “It took a couple of months for them to even call me a dark horse.”LePage is in his sixth year as mayor of Waterville. He’s also been general manager for Marden’s stores across Maine since 1996.