Fire Destroys Only Store In Parkman 

Fire crews from four towns responded to a blaze in Parkman today that gutted out the only store in town. Alvin Gray and his wife Trina had only owned Gray’s Country Store for about two months.Trina Gray says she stepped out back to take a lunch order over the phone when she saw flames and called for her husband. “I was out back and I come through the door and I see the flames shooting through the cupboards,” says Alvin Gray. “I grabbed a little bucket that was there and I turned the water on in the sink and I started throwing it to no avail. It didn’t work and the ceiling turned all black and poured black smoke in the store and I got out.”Once outside, the Gray’s could only wait for help to arrive. “It was only 3 or 4 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity,” says Alvin Gray, “you know, but when you watch your store go up in flames, it seems like forever.”Allen Emerson is the Guilford Fire Chief and was one of the first on the scene. “There was smoke coming out just about everywhere through most of the windows,” he says, “both sections, there’s a store then an attachment, a barn type attachment out back. There was fire and smoke coming pretty much out of everywhere.”The Fire Marshal’s office is has been called in to investigate what sparked the blaze. “Looks like there was quite a bit a lot of fire up by the electrical in the ceiling about midway through the store,” says Emerson, “it’s possible it started and traveled to where the stove and griddle was.”For now, what was the only store in Parkman appears to be a total loss. The Gray’s vow to get it back up and running as soon as possible. “Oh yeah, we aren’t gonna fail the town of Parkman,” says Alvin Gray, “that’s our plan right now is to rebuild it.”