Build up to Election Day 

Tuesday, June 8th is election day.And even after months of campaigning, no clear front runners have emerged in the primary races for the Democratic and Republican nomination for governor.Candidates on both sides are looking for every last vote in an election that is not expected to garner a major turnout.Polling within the last week shows that half of Republicans and 60% of Democrats are undecided. The seven Republican and four Democratic candidates played on that indecision as they crisscrossed the state during the weekend to persuade voters to support them.Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says a 20% turnout Tuesday would be on the high side. He says voters struggling to make up their minds often don’t head to the polls.Tuesday’s ballot will also feature four bond issues totaling $108,000,000 and a people’s veto proposal to repeal an overhaul of Maine’s tax code.