Bangor Parking Committee Recommends Increase in Fine 

The Bangor Parking Advisory Committee wants to crack down on those who park illegally downtown over and over again.Chair of the committee Geoffrey Gratwick says there are some people who receive up to 30 parking tickets.The City Council already approved a ticket increase from $12 to $15. That went to effect this month.Now the advisory committee wants to increase the fine for those who get the parking boot, from $25 to $100.That is put on when a driver has three unpaid parking tickets.Gratwick says, “Our desire is to have enough open spaces downtown for customers, visitors to use downtown. For people who work downtown use the garage. The garage is a superb facility. It’s relatively inexpensive.>The Downtown Parking Garage also provides some discounts.The parking committee sends their recommendation to another City Council committee before it is brought before the entire council.