A Future Governor? 

Candidates and their staff are making their final push to get people to the polls Tomorrow to vote for them in the Gubernatorial Primary race.Many will be working all election day as well in hopes to advance to November’s General Election, but not all of them.One campaign staffer has a math test to worry about first.That’s because he’s a sixth grader.”I’ve been trying to Balance everything out not spending a lot of time campaigning too much and an equal amount of homework too,” said Bangor’s Nick Danby.Danby came to prominence in May when he introduced Pat McGowan at the State Democratic Convention in Lewiston.”Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Nick Danby”His involvement in this years Gubernatorial race happened when his father took him to a debate, and it grew from there, and now this 12 year old, sixth grader has created a spark.”I think it was kind of like a thing of there’s no other campaigns that youth and the future kind of thing except for our campaign which incorporates the 2020 vision the more of the future kind of thing, I’ve tried to help with phone banking, bringing more energy to the campaign kind of thing””Some people might think it’s kind of silly, funny, goofish but I thought I made up for that with the speech and I got a lot of encouragement on that from people I didn’t even know, delegates at the convention, ‘ good job, it was a really amazing speech ‘ kind of thing”But don’t think he’ll just be working on a campaign, he’s only staying on the sidelines because of his age, he already has mapped out his political future.”I plan to, hope to, run for State Senate you know in 2020, around the 20/20 vision kind of thing and hope to become a Representative and work up to the Governor from 2030-to-2038 and then run for President in 2040 and hopefully to win then.”