Indoor Flea Market Opens In Holden 

People who like to spend their weekends checking out local flea markets and yard sales no longer have to change their plans because of bad weather. A new indoor flea market is now open for buisness on Route 1A in Holden. The Acadia Flea Market has been open since late March. They have several different vendors, all under one roof.The flea market is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Owner Lisa Camber says she rents out booths by the day, the weekend, or you can rent for an entire month. She says she still has plenty of booths available for anyone who wants to try and sell their crafts. “I have plenty of spaces,” she says, “we’re only about half way full and we’re looking to expand when this gets bigger. I plan when I say year round, to bring my other businesses with blueberries and holiday wreaths this fall. So local vendors can advertise for the holidays as well or sell their crafts. With a flea market you can bring in anything that you have from spring cleaning your house.” Camber says she’s already seeing a lot of repeat business and she’s hopeful the flea market will be a place for tourists to stop this summer.She says she plans on keeping the flea market open year round.