Cancer Survivors Honored In Bangor 

The folks at Cancer Care of Maine hosted their annual cancer survivor day on the Bangor waterfront. The soggy weather didn’t dampen anyones spirits at this years event.More than 100 people packed the Bangor waterfront. Several survivors were honored and the event featured educational booths as well as a children’s activity tent. Organizers, like Malene Nightingale, say that in addition to honoring survivors, they’re also trying to spread a little hope for anyone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. “When you get diagnosed with cancer it’s not a death sentence,” she says, “there are a lot of people walking around us, people that you work with, people at the grocery store, out in the community, that are survivors and you may not even know it. Because they’re going to continue on with their daily normal routine. They come to our facility and they get their treatments, they go back to work, they go back to being Mom’s and Dad’s, and teachers, and doctor’s and lawyers you know everybody in the community.” Cancer survivor day has been going on for more than 10 years.