Teen Accused of Murder Denied Bail 

An 18-year-old Bangor man charged with murder and manslaughter remains in jail without bail. Zachary Carr appeared in a Bangor courtroom Friday afternoon.He has been held at the Penobscot County Jail since January, when prosecutors say he shot 19-year-old John “Bobby” Surles on Cumberland Street in Bangor. Surles later died at the hospital.At a hearing this afternoon, prosecutors argued Carr was a flight risk and danger to the community if he were to be let out on bail, citing incidents since the shooting between two groups of young people connected to Surles and Carr.The defense says Carr could stay with his mother in a nearby town and is not interested in engaging with other people accused of being involved.But the judge did not set bail Friday because she said not enough assurances were given that Carr would not pose a danger.”The judge left the door open for us to come back and address bail. She wants to see a concrete plan, but she’s willing to entertain the notion of Zach being bailed out, so I feel good about that,” says defense attorney David Walker.”I’m not sure there is anything that would be adequate. We’ll continue to urge the court to continue to hold him without bail,” says Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson.The judge says if bail were ever to be set it would be at a high amount of cash and include rigid supervision.