Mount View Students Achieve Perfect Attendance 

It’s High School Graduation time, and there are two students at Mount View High School in Thorndike that can claim to have achieved something very few can.They never missed a day during their entire school career.In 13 years, Mt. View High School seniors Jenn Stauffer and Tristen Ripley have never missed one day of school.How’d they do it?”Luck, good genes maybe.””Good health, and my parents pushing me to never miss a day.”Tristen says the good attendance record kind of runs in the family.They both realized in middle school that they hadn’t missed a day. So they set goals to keep their record perfect.Now that they’re graduating, they’re pretty proud, although they do get teased by fellow students.”On senior skip day, Tristen and I were both here. They were like why aren’t you guys skipping. Perfect attendance.”But English Teacher Tanya Hubbard is pretty impressed because this doesn’t happen very often.”Probably I’ve seen this four times in about 35 years.”There have been days when they just wanted to stay home.”But I’ve resisted the temptation”Good health helps too.”I’ve had the luck of only getting sick on vacations and week-ends.”Plus a good appreciation for learning doesn’t hurt. “I actually like school.”Both believe that this dedication to their education will serve them well in life. So does Mrs. Hubbard.”Obviously on a resume of if they go in an interview, if I were an employer I would take that very very seriously.”