Last Cianbro Modules Leave for Texas 

The last modules built at Cianbro’s Eastern Manufacturing Facility left for Texas Friday.That means the end of a lot of jobs at the Brewer site, at least for now.Meghan Hayward reports.”Bittersweet it is. But every project starts and every project comes to an end. The good news about this particular project is the ending is quite sweet actually because we have a very delighted customer.”Cianbro was the first of four international companies employed by Motiva to deliver modules to a refinery construction site in Texas.At the project’s peak, more than 600 people were employed at the Brewer site.Those numbers have now been reduced.”We have 50 people here working now readying the site for the next project. We’ll do this throughout the month of June and then once we come to that and the site is ready, we’ll have to push those workers off to other projects within our company.”Cianbro’s Vice President and General Manager, Joe Cote, says about 400 employees from the Brewer facility have already been placed into other jobs within the company.”Better than 80 percent we found work for within the Cianbro Company. Places all up and down the Eastern seaboard and down toward the Gulf as well.”Cote says they’re now looking at national and international projects for the Brewer site.”We’ve hosted visits here, our friends from Canada. And we left them with a satisfactory scorecard if you would of the work we can do here with the capacity we have. So we’re going to continue those negotiations and discussions and ready the site and hopefully we’ll have something in hand sometime by the third or fourth quarter this year.”During the project, Cianbro developed some advanced technology to increase safety and maximize efficiency for which they won international awards.”When you do a project of this significance and you do a good job at it people recognize the success. It’s been worldly recognized and hopefully it will pay some big dividends for us.”