Crate Day 

Today is Crate Day in Canaan. For almost 20 years, the day has been celebrated on the airfield next to the Lindbergh Crate Museum. Kids from Canaan Elementary School were there to help out and learn some important lessons at the same time. 12-year-old Devon Dyer has come to crate day four times with his shool. He says, “It’s important for these kids to be out here today so they can remember, honor, and teach. And by that I mean they’ve got to remember what the cause is about, about honoring people, and if you don’t remember that, the whole day is worthless.” Braydn Fitzmaurice helped fill 50 care packages to send to soldiers. He’s honoring those overseas, as the children honor those who died fighting for their country. Important people like Betty Brown, who received a Congressional Gold Medal as part of the former Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War 2 are there. These people are a part of history, and are inspirational.