New Maine Discovery Museum Exhibit is WILD! 

A new exhibit has come to the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, courtesy of the Smithsonian Museum.It’s a chance to get up close and personal to animals you probably won’t see anywhere but in the wild.Chelsey Anderson takes us for a walk on the wild side.”Alright guys. Welcome to Safari.””Safari is a journey to the far corners of the world.” It’s an exhibit of animals from Africa, Asia, New Zealand and North America.”Go and explore!”The new Safari exhibit at the Maine Discovery Museum is originally from the Smithsonian Museum. Nokomis High School Taxidermy teacher Howard Whitten helped bring it to Maine.”Our safari exhibition was the first and is the only chance to see this entire collection together.”Visitors are able to see the animals in their natural habitat, up close.”I don’t think that’s a false tongue!”…and even touch them.”Have you felt this? It’s fluffy.”Trudi Plummer is the Director of Education at the museum. She says it’s incredible how curious children are about everything.”It’s endless and endless what they want to know. They want to know everything about every one of those animals.””I just want to know what this animal eats.””What is this thing?” “It’s an elephant ear.””This one can run as fast as a cheetah. That’s pretty fast. That’s almost as fast as you can drive with your car.”Many of you may be wondering, are they real? Yes, they were alive at one time.”When you walk up to them and see how beautiful their mouths have been made you just expect them to come alive and say something to you any minute.””Look at this one. Isn’t that amazing?”At Safari you can also see animal pelts and learn the difference between horns and antlers. You can even try some on to see what you would look like!The Safari exhibit opens to the public Saturday, June 5th.