Lift Chair Stolen from Camden Snow Bowl 

The folks at the Camden Snow Bowl say they don’t care who took one of their lift chairs over the weekend– they just want it back.Workers had taken all the lift chairs down recently for regular testing, but discovered when they came back to work after the long weekend that one was missing.They think someone might have taken the chair as a prank. If so, General Manager Jeff Kuller says it’s not a funny one.He tells us the chairs are unique and hard to find, and could cost one or two thousand dollars to replace. He says losing that chair hurts their lift capacity.He says lots of people in town are on the lookout for the missing chair and they’re hopeful it will turn up, unharmed, soon.”Bring it back, bring it back at night, drop it off in the parking lot and we won’t ask any questions. We’ll just be happy. And you know, if they’re caught by the police, it’s going to be a bigger issue,” Kuller says.The chairs are now locked. Kuller says they might have to consider locking the whole facility.