Family Shocked in Wednesday’s Strong Winds 

Three people in Aroostook County were taken to the hospital when they came in contact with power lines that were downed as a result of some strong winds.Officials say that a tree struck a power line outside the Stacyville home of Terrence Holland and his family.The tree caught fire, and the family went outside for a closer look.As Holland was reportedly warning his daughters to stay away from the area, a line struck his 11-year-old stepdaughter across the back of her legs.Holland’s elder stepdaughter also got caught by the line across one leg as she attempted to help her sister.Holland himself got caught in the downed lines, and was shocked when he came in contact with a mud puddle while he was crawling to safety.That jolt dislocated his right shoulder.Holland and the oldest girl were treated at Houlton regional hospital.The 11-year-old was transferred to Eastern Maine Medical Center, where she was treated for burns to her legs, and was transferred again, this time down to the Shriner’s Hospital in Boston for further attention.There were reports of a tornado in the Shin Pond area, around that time, though weather data shows that there was no tornado, just some very strong gusts of wind.