Rats Overrun Former Store 

A former corner store in China has some new occupants that no one in town wants there. Town officials say dozens of rats have moved into the former China Village General Store. We’re told the store has been closed for about a year. Code enforcement officer Scott Pierz says the building was foreclosed on and it’s unclear who owns the building right now.TV5 News tried contacting the former owners, but our calls were not returned. Piers says he’s alerted the town’s attorney to see what they can do. “Everybody’s concerned about liability, but the town needs to take action and we’re prepared to do that very quickly and with firm resolve so we need to examine more of the statute to see who has the authority whether it’s the code enforcement officer or the health officer: we need to quadron off that property.” Pierz says.Town officials hope to quarantine off the area sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours.