Public Comment on Bangor’s Budget 

Residents of Bangor had a chance to speak out on the 2011 city budget this evening.A public comment session was held at the Fifth Street School to get public input on areas of the budget the council considers ‘whiteboard’ issues.The turn out was much smaller than councilors expected, there were only about 50 people in attendance.There were a few common issues folks spoke out about. Some were concerned about the proposed changes to the BAT Bus, while others talked about the senior center. Many at the meeting were there to advocate for funding for the Bangor Public Library.”I think that the library is an extremely important resource for the community. I believe that an educated population is the most valuable resource a community has and I want to support the library in anyway I can to make sure that it has adequate operating funds.” “People who were here gave great presentations. I think the council told them what was on their minds and the fact that it’s going to be on public channel so people have a chance to view it. That’s all we can do.” said Carol Harriman, a Friend of the Library.The Bangor City Council will be holding a workshop at 5:00pm on Thursday at City Hall to discuss the budget issues that remain unresolved.