Local Business Leaders Show Support for Bond Issues 

Local business and community leaders gathered in Orono Wednesday to show their support for all four bond proposals on next week’s ballot.They say the bonds would provide immediate and long-term economic benefits throughout Maine.Supporters say the bonds will lead to more than 3-thousand jobs and have a 300-million dollar impact.If passed, Question 2 would fund energy efficiency projects at Maine’s public universities, community colleges and Maine Maritime Academy.Question 3 is for funds for improvements to roads, railways, ports and harbors.Question 4 would support competitive based research and development grants and small-business assistance.And Question 5 is 10.25 million for clean water projects.Bangor Region Chamber President John Porter says Maine can’t afford to turn down these bonds.”You want bonds to put money into capital improvements for the state of Maine. Things that will last a long time. Infrastructure like roads and bridges and preserving rail lines. Buildings that we’ll use for research and development. Redeveloping a naval air station into a commerce park. These are all long term investments that pay long term dividends and that’s the appropriate use of borrowed money.”Mainers will go to the polls next Tuesday, June eighth.