Camp Day At Tim Horton’s Sends 12 Local Kids To Camp 

The folks at Tim Horton’s are doing their part to send some local kids to camp this summer. Some members of the Brewer community also took the plunge to help raise money. It’s camp day. All the money spent on coffee goes towards sending local kids to camp over the summer. Marc Nicnair is the owner of the Tim Horton’s in Brewer and this is his fourth year raising money for this cause. “We’re having a great day in there,” he says, “it’s kind of a casual day for us.”Kids 9-12 years-old, from Bangor, Brewer, Old Town, and Newport who would not have been able to afford camp, were chosen by their school officials to go to a camp in Kentucky that works toward enhancing leadership skills. “It’s just a great opportunity for them and hopefully when they go to camp they’ll come back thinking about things a little differently than when they went,” says Nicnair.The crew here has come up with some great ideas to raise some additonal money. Folks can pop a prize filled balloon for $1. Each balloon has a ticket in it for free food and drinks from Tim Horton’s.Ron Morril from Holden gets coffee here every day and buys 20 balloons every year to help out. “To help the kids,” he says, “it’s a good fundraiser, they should do it every year.”And of course the most popular attraction: the dunk tank. Three throws for a buck, where Brewer fire chief Mark Parent spent a pretty soggy hour, the victim of some accurate arms on the fire department.Adeline Pascalides, from Tim Horton’s corporate office, raised $70 from co-workers eager to see her fall. Her co-worker, Ian Mader, paid $50 for his throws. The first two shots missed but the third dropped Pascalides into the cold water. “I wanted to sort of tease a little bit, get her a little bit more nervous and I knew I had one more ball and I had to hit it so I got lucky on the third one,” says Mader.How was the dip for Pascalides? “Cold!! But refreshing!!”