Knowing how to react in an emergency situation could save someone’s life. Some local agencies have teamed up to offer basic emergency response training.MaineGeneral Health, the American Heart Association, Augusta Fire Department, Delta Ambulance, and the Maine Center for Disease Control are all working together to put on CPR/AED Day. They’ll be offering training for hands-only CPR, adult conscious choking, and using an automatic external defibrillator.Susan McLeod, clinical education specialist, says the training sessions are short, and the knowledge is invaluable. “The skill is easy to learn. It is exhausting to do the CPR but also you’ll know what to do when the event happens. I worked in the emergency department, and so many times families would come and say “I didn’t know what to do,” and that’s sad. We can fix that with 22 minutes of training. I think that’s exciting.” Sessions will be held on Friday, June 4 from 9am to 1pm at the Augusta Civic Center, and at MaineGeneral’s Seton Campus in Waterville.For more information call Sue McLeod at 861-5220.