Brewer Students Skype with their 50th State 

A group of third graders in Brewer have spent the last three months learning technology, by video conferencing with classrooms across the U.S.Tuesday they reached a milestone, their 50th and final state.Chelsey was there for the celebration.”Can you believe it’s number 50?”While third graders at the Washington Street School in Brewer waited for their final Skype to a school in Massachusetts they talked about their tour across the US, and some favorite facts they learned.Ethan, Third Grade Student- “It was actually Minnesota because they have this giant amusement park, the biggest mall in the USA. And I actually appreciate that. I think this is a great opportunity to have.”Addi, Third Grade Student- “My favorite fact was in Alaska they eat raw whale blubber!”Eli, Third Grade Student- “Somebody said it tastes good with ketchup!”Time to login to Skype.Ring ring, ring ring. (Cheers)A connection is made with Mrs. Daniel’s third grade classroom.Cherrie MacInnes, Third Grade Teacher Washington Street School- “My class would like to say hello to your’s. Hi Massachusetts.” “Hi Class from Maine.”Chelsey Anderson, Reporter- Now that we’ve made a connection with Massachusetts we’re going to relay some facts about what’s similar between the two states, and what’s different.Lissa, Third Grade Student- “Maine’s state bird is the chickadee. When it sounds, it sounds like this. Chickadee-dee-dee. Chickadee-dee-dee.”Adam, Third Grade Student- “Some people in Maine don’t pronounce their R’s. So instead of Bar Harbor they might say Bah Ha-bah. And instead of car they say cah.”Aaron, Third Grade Student- “Maine have over 5,000 miles of coastline. That’s more than California!”Cherrie MacInnes – 3rd Grade Teacher Washington Street School “Those are all the facts that we have for you. Now we’re excited to learn about Massachusetts.””The Massachusetts nickname is Bay State because there are lots of bays.””Basketball was invented in Massachusetts.”After a question and answer session, and filling in their fact sheets, it was time to log off…”Bye Massachusetts.” “Bye.”Lily had the honor of putting the last sticker on the map.”Boys and girls you did it!” (Cheers, applause)Mrs. MacInnes wants other schools to join in on the fun. All you need is a webcam and an internet connection. TThen Skype or Google Chat is free.You can visit for more information.