Bangor Post Office Opens New Temporary Location 

The Bangor Post Office opened for business at its new Broadway location Tuesday morning. But it’s only a short stop-over says Postmaster Charlie Gokas. “This is a temporary location until we have a permanent location ready and we’re projected to move in about six months to the permanent location.”That location is 73 Hammond street, which used to house the district courthouse. For now the post office is in the Broadway Shopping Center where the Dollar Store used to be. This location has temporarily solved what was once a major complaint on Harlow street. “Obviously parking was always an issue on Harlow street,” says Gokas, “so that helps a lot for customers convenience. It seems to be a positive location.”With the parking issue seemingly solved some of the customers here want to see this temporary location become permanent. Bangor resident Mike Turcotte wants the Broadway location to stick around. “I hope that they are able to see the point of having the satellite branch here and they make it permanent,” he says, “because there’s more business here on this end of town. If there were two locations, one downtown and one here, I think it would best serve the customers of the postal service and it would also serve the community better if they have two locations.”That includes the other businesses in the shopping center which are sure to benefit from the added foot traffic. Mark Hanscom works for the post office and says they had a pleasant surprise this morning. “When I got there the manager from Hannaford handed me a box of sandwiches and a nice plate of cookies and said welcome to the neighborhood.”