Smell of Smoke Across Maine From Canadian Wildfire 

If you’ve smelled smoke recently, that does not necessarily mean there is a near-by fire.Local authorities say they have received numerous calls this weekend reporting the smell of wood smoke. But most of these areas have been receiving smoke from several large wildfires in Northern Quebec.The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is warning citizens with respiratory problems about the smoke. Last week’s record-breaking heat combined with lightning storms created more than 60 wildfires in Quebec, several of which are still considered out of control.The Maine Forest Service has mobilized 6 Forest Rangers and 15 wildland firefighters to assist with those fires in Northern Quebec.”Everybody’s been trained in basic firefighting class. How to create a fire line to stop a fire, how to use water on a fire, digging with tools, that sort of thing,” Said Ranger Aliesha Black.”We’ll be using motorized water pumps, hoses and hand tools to put out the fire with the assistance of CL215’s, they’re large water tankers, fixed wind water tankers,” Said Ranger Sam Heffner.The firefighters are expected to be on-scene for two weeks.