Memorial Day Parade in Bangor 

Memorial Day has it’s roots in the the years after the civil war.Back then it was called Decoration Day, to honor solders killed in that conflict.Now, it’s a day to reflect upon the sacrifices made by so many during our nation’s wars.Veterans from World War Two to the Global War on Terror walked along the streets of Bangor to the applause of grateful citizens.The veterans surely know what this day is about.”To honor the men who have given their life and their blood for this country.”And so do the folks on the sidelines.”They put their whole future on hold and they go and they protect our country.”Although Memorial Day is to remember those who have fallen in the line of duty, it’s a great time to say thanks to those heroes who served and came back home.Like Bill Knight, a World War Two Veteran, and now a troop greeter. Governor Baldacci stopped to speak with him.”I’m very proud of you. You’re a great ambassador for the state of Maine, I hope so, You are.”Henry Lawson is a Korean War Veteran, he says he walks to…”Help remember the fallen heroes.”But on this Memorial day he has another important mission. To pass on some of history’s lessons to his grandson, who is walking with him today.”It means a lot to me because my grandpa was a veteran, he was in the engine room helping out.””My grandpa is very special to me, I want to thank him for serving our country.”